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Salvation and Ministry experience

In 1968 my wife had heart failure and was rushed to the hospital for examination and treatment. It was discovered that she needed to have open heart surgery.  I took her to Cleveland Clinic, where she under went a heart value operation.  During that time, a preacher from my hometown came to visit her. This man was also a wonderful comfort to me, as I didn’t know if she would live or die.  He invited me to attend his church when we returned home.  Virginia came home, but was still too sick to do much.  I told her that I would like to go to that church.  I went by myself and God spoke to my heart about my soul.  I didn’t go forward at that time, but returned the next night.  At the invitation I went forward and the pastor took the Bible and showed me how to be saved.  I asked Jesus to come into my heart and went home and told Virginia what I had done.  This was November 16, 1968.

 During the next few months, Virginia recuperated and saw a great change in my life.  I had a desire to go to church, read the Bible and pray.  She thought there must be something to this experience I had.  She began going to church with me, and in February 1969 she received Christ as her Savior.

In February 1971, a missionary came to our church to speak.  It was at this time that God called me to preach and be a missionary.  I went forward and told the pastor how God had spoken to my heart about missions.  I wanted to make my life count for God so I decided right away to apply to a mission board.  I wanted to go where people had never heard or had little chance to hear about Jesus Christ and what He had done on the cross for them.  We began to prepare ourselves to be missionaries.  We went to Norman , OK where we had four months of intense missionary training for working in primitive areas.  Then we went to Mexico for four months of jungle training.  We learned many things about surviving in the jungle.  This training has been a tremendous help to us in our ministry over the years.

We chose Brazil to be our first field of service.  We left for Brazil after deputation in 1973.  We worked with other missionaries in the jungles of northern Brazil .  God blessed our ministry there and in 1987, we changed our field to Zambia , Africa .  Our ministry was planting churches and training nationals.  We had a Bible Institute and God allowed us to plant three churches and from those, the nationals we trained have started over one hundred new churches.  Thousands have been won to Christ.  We praise the Lord for this and give Him all the glory.

In February 1999, we returned home from Zambia because of the government’s change in policy concerning missionaries.  Our mission director decided it best that we leave Zambia .

We are now Bearing Precious Seed missionaries, although I am not a field representative of BPS.  I started my ministry because, while in Zambia , we had very few Bibles to give away to people.  They simply were not available.  I believe that many missionaries have the same problem I had.  My ministry is to raise funds from churches of like faith that will enable me to provide Scriptures free of charge, (shipping included) to missionaries around the world that do not have them available where they minister.  Six out of ten people in the world have never read one line of God’s Precious Word.  The need to get Scriptures into the hands of missionaries so they can do their job is overwhelming.

My ministry presentation consists of showing a 10 minute video of our work and three mission trips (Mexico, Brazil, China) where we have taken folks to the field for short term visits.  I also share my burden to get God’s Word out to missionaries and preach a challenging message as well.  It is our desire to be a blessing and encouragement to people.

Jim and Virginia Menkhoff